Sarah Luna’s family history and experience as a franchisee helped make her a winning fit for Pure Barre’s leadership.

18, 2019

2 min read

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In this video, Business Rockstars host Jeannie Yurman sits down with the President of Pure Barre, Sarah Luna. Pure Barre is a franchising business that combines barre and ballet routines set to high-energy musical tracks. 

Though Purre Barre is not her own creation, Luna’s experiencing as a franchisee prepared her for this role, because as Pure Barre president, she helps franchisees in developing eye-catching marketing materials. She also assists in finding the right real estate for a new location and boosting franchisees’ morale by organizing company conventions. 

It also helps that Luna comes from a family with an entrepreneurial background. Her father was an owner of a small business, and her mother ran her own franchise.

To hear more from the conversation between Business Rockstars and Luna, click the video. 

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