Why Most Entrepreneurs Are Slowly Killing Themselves

In North America today, the social narrative entrepreneurship tells us that, to be successful, we have to be willing to sacrifice our health, our relationships and even our emotional well-being. Simply put, we got to pay the price if we want to be successful. When we look at some of the most successful and most […]

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Why Successful Entrepreneurs Are Motivated With Knowing Their Why

Motivation is what drives a person to perform the actions that they do. The stronger or more powerful the motivation, the more determined the person will be to achieve his or her goals. When you understand what your why is, this will keep you pushing past obstacles and will allow you to hold on even […]

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10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Entrepreneurial Mindset

25 years ago I walked into a classroom of 15 year-olds and I gave them my pitch. I offered to help them start a business, but there was one condition they all had to agree to work with me and it had to be a unanimous decision. Now. I have no idea how this would […]

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The Biggest Wealth Trap People Fall Into

How badly won’t work? Most people don’t, have it. They want a job, then what job securing they want? A paycheck. They want a 4-1 game. You & # 39. Ve got to be so much water. If you want to be poor, I hate to say this: you can go to school, but you […]

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