This Entrepreneur Is Helping People Remember Why They Matter

Jessica Abo sits down with the Founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization trying to create a world where everyone knows they matter.

25, 2019

2 min read

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Matthew Emerzian was on a successful career path before he decided to pivot.

“I worked for 10 years in the music industry at a very successful level and woke up on a Monday morning and had a major mental breakdown,” Emerzian explains. “I suffered from anxiety and depression and I found my purpose through living a life that wasn’t about me. The idea of doing something not about me on a weekly basis changed my life and that became the inspiration to start the nonprofit.”

Emerzian’s nonprofit, Every Monday Matters, is on a mission is to help people understand how much, and why, they matter.

“Our two biggest programs are our education program and our corporate program. The education program is a free social-emotional learning curriculum for K-12. With that, we reach nearly two million students nationwide; and, on the other side, we have our corporate program, which helps companies create better work cultures and engage their employees in things that matter at work.”

Watch the full video between Emerzian and Entrepreneur Network partner Jessica Abo to see Emerzian’s advice on how to help live their best lives. You can also check out his new book, You Matter: Learning to Love Who You Really Are, which comes out February 11th, 2020.

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