About the program

A focus on the total person. Personal as well as business mentors, major curriculum includes dreams, values, life plans, leadership training, retreats to bond the class, and more. Integrated, lockstep curriculum. This allows us to manage the curriculum as a whole.

Experiential learning. Students don’t just learn entrepreneurship, they do entrepreneurship, including developing business plans for UH technologies, starting Amazon shops, planning and operating pop-up food stands in Wolffest, and launching their own businesses.

Breadth of coverage. We enroll students from almost every major on campus with offerings that serve business, STEM, arts, communication, and more.

Community engagement. More than 450 mentors. Off-campus activities at co-working spaces, banks, and law firms. Social outreach through our SURE program and the Prison Entrepreneurship Program. Partnering with Rice U. The city of Houston is a major asset that brings enrichment, networking, and business opportunities.

Diversity. One of the most diverse universities in the nation, 43% Hispanic and African-American, and reflecting the international mosaic that is Houston.

Accessibility. Low tuition makes us accessible to a broad range, and more than 1/3 of ENTR majors have scholarships that cover the full tuition for program courses.

Travel. Our students have the opportunity to travel to Silicon Valley to experience the start-up world, NY to learn all about Wall Street, Panama to mentor small business owners, and more.