You taught me how the mind works he taught me how I could shape my mind to attract the things I wanted into my life he showed me that nothing is impossible that you can attain it if you really want if you want to attract something in your life you need to understand what that frequency is that you want and then change the energy in your body to match that frequency and when you do you attract that a lot of people talk about this law of attraction and stuff but and I don’t really understand it I’ll explain it properly and then I think sometimes the New Age will can just get away by saying all kinds of the law of attraction and you know do this and do that and they’ll attract it into your life but there’s no practical step so actually understanding the science of how how these things work but once you really understand it and then you put the hard work into it these amazing tools have been around for millennia monks have been using it for thousands of years and you do affirmations a bit different you either have three things that you do yeah that makes them special concise charge the positive words clear visualization and feeling and feeling being the most important component because feeling is emotion and emotion is energy and energy is magnetic Tesla had the saying if you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration everything is made up of energy and that energy is vibrating in a certain frequency and your job is to match the frequency of what you want because that’s harmony right if your team here can match your frequency then you’re all in alignment and on the same page and then you work together it’s like a flock of birds that just flow in harmony you see that flying in the sky and never crash into each other they all fly in harmony it’s like they all radios right you tuned it what’s the station is seventy four point five fm and if you get to send me four point four fm you get static in music seventy four point six static and music 74.5% e four point two two static and so your goal is to tune your energy to to match the frequency of what you want then that’s when that attraction comes concise positive it’s clear visualization and corresponding feeling by the feelings emotion so when I say corresponding feeling if you want something you need to match the frequency if you want what you want so remember what Tesla said think in terms of energy frequency vibration so the same thing with concentration right concentration is the science and art assigns because they’re clear steps that you need to take to work towards to go in an art because it requires repetition and practice right so I always say that conservation science and art and learning out of concentrate you have to understand the mind right so as I said before the you know you’re not the mind whether you’re pure awareness moving through different ears of our mind and I define concentration as my ability to keep my awareness on you for an extended period of time until I make a conscious choice to shift it to something else so most people allow someone or something outside of them to control where the awareness goes so I’m chatting with you my phone goes Bing I’m picking up my way let’s get strike that another notification comes to my awareness goes there I see a noise out there I hear no it’s not then my awareness goes over there right so my ability to keep my awareness on you or something for an extended period of time is my ability to concentrate your whole day needs to be filled with rituals and you need to look at your life the same way and the Olympian might look at his or her life where the whole day is filled with rituals and in the monastery we meditate it as a group for one hour a day that’s all we meditated people always think that monks meditate all day and they’re slowly sweeping the sidewalks but we don’t maybe it 108 what are we doing the rest of the day Gurudeva taught us to practice concentration not to practice mindfulness practice concentration so if you’re talking to speaking with another monk you give that person you underbite attention to target practice all day and I think people take a different approach right now they think you know if I meditate for 10 minutes in the morning I’m and the rest of the day I can just do whatever I want to do and the rest day has been with constant multitasking so I’m doing how many things at once in a full way so what do you become good you become good at whatever it is you practice because practice doesn’t have the ability to discriminate between what’s the positive practice and whatever what’s a negative practice so if you practice something negative all the time you become really good at it so if you practice distraction all the time 10 hours a day what do you become good after six months distraction anybody practicing anything for 10 hours a day becomes really good and the truth is with 20 files in the day most people sleep what seven eight hours so you’re awake for sixteen and out of the sixteen hours are they only practicing distraction for seven or eight hours probably more like 13 or 14 hours a day are acting distraction so if you do that seven days a week imagine if you practice playing the piano 14 hours a day seven days a week how good would you be after six months so how good are people at distraction if you look at most people out there they’re talking about mastery they have mastered the art of distraction these people are to be acknowledged and respected because the dedication and devotion they have given to the art of distraction but they don’t even know that that’s they don’t even know that’s why I really hop on understanding the mind first and then learning to concentrate because I feel if humanity can learn to do this they can be better at better athletes better artists better martial artists better singers performers sports people engineers doctors because at the center of success is your ability to harness the power of my and directed and a single pointed focus – it’s one thing stay with it long enough so that you can come to solutions create beautiful things but if you can’t concentrate you can’t do any of these things and we can’t solve the problems of the world

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