You Want To Be A Successful Entrepreneur? Find a Solution To A Problem

Many of us want to become a businessman. Starting your own business is one of the greatest dreams of our time.

But how can you be an entrepreneur?

Most tips focus on practical aspects: Writing a business plan, obtaining financing, finding employees, marketing and public relations.

We will go in a different way. In our eyes at the heart of successful entrepreneurship lies a strange, more abstract thing: A careful look at the causes of human misery.

Being an entrepreneur basically means becoming an expert on the things that make life difficult for people. That’s because every ambitious project somehow tries to fix things to other people.

The larger and more inherent the problem you are trying to fix, the more successful your business will be.

Because the consumer society is now well developed, It may be easy to think that all the big problems already have thousands of fixes anyway.

Think of all the car companies, pizzerias, or news sites. We definitely have enough of everything. What can we add to what already exists?

But in order to learn about the tremendous opportunities that still exist in capitalism, all you have to do is ask yourself:

Where and where are you unhappy during your normal day?

Every misery is actually a new business that is expected to be born. Your frustrations are an almost inexhaustible source of raw materials through which to build future business.

While there may already be plenty of breakfast cereals, t-shirts, cell phones, and taxi trips for sale, There is much to frustrate and harass us

Think about how difficult it is to educate children, deal with anxiety, Discover what you want to do in your life, find a beautiful place to live, and relax in the evening.

One can go on and on What saddens and annoys us is endless, but thanks to the budding entrepreneurs The biggest first step towards leadership It is learning to study your own dissatisfaction and what may heal you and others.

When profits fall in companies, this is the result of many people throwing themselves into trying to repair the same area Because they couldn’t think of anything more innovative instead of starting a new airline, mobile phone company or store chain.

On the contrary, sound profits are a reward for understanding and mastery To a region of human turmoil before anyone else. Of course, ideas are not enough on their own. You need to take care of practical and financial matters

But they will not help you if your original analytical view was not the cause of human misery. By the same token, if your insight into what makes people unhappy is insightful, and your solutions are bold Because despite the difficult journey.

Your business will have a great opportunity to earn money and benefit humanity as well.

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